Vista Apex Conflict of Interest Policy

It is the policy of Vista Apex that all speakers at any program offered by Vista Apex, who have a personal interest or financial investment in a company or product, abide by the following:

·      While it is permissible to mention a product or company in an educational course, the speaker shall avoid distributing any handout material that includes a company name, address, and phone number, or any material that could be construed as pushing or actively attempting to sell a particular product or company.

·      The speaker is prohibited from displaying their products anywhere except in the exhibit hall, but the speaker may make reference to such an exhibit.

·      No Vista Apex Salesperson may be present at the lecture or online course without prior written consent from the CE Committee. Such requests must be submitted to Vista Apex 1 month prior to the course date.

To request Conflict of Interest details for a specific course, please complete the form here